Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fingerless Gloves

Even though items knit up much faster with big yarn and big needles, I'll always prefer the feel of little needles and fine yarn. When I first started seriously knitting at about age 13 or 14 I knitted lots of fine lace and intarsia patterns with 4 ply/fingering weight yarn. Of course it would take much too long to knit a big article for selling on 4 or 5mm needles so that's why I've been making so many fingerless gloves lately. I especially love using luxury yarns such as cashmere and silk. I also love being able to add cute ribbons and buttons to my gloves - the icing on the cake!
I have about 14 pairs of fingerless gloves listed on Etsy and have more still to list. Here are my top three favorites.
I knitted these last month in Scotland - I think I might be a femme Vampiress wannabe because I picture myself as a sexy Elvira in a black dress wearing these to some dark ball (while drinking Pernod and Blackcurrant). Purrrrrrrr.......

I think I'm also a bit of a goth wannabe because I imagine myself sporting dark lipstick, pale foundation, and black doc martins, listening to the Cure in some trendy NYC bar while wearing these:
And I also really want to be very feminine and chic. I actually had my nails polished (for the 2nd time ever) to take pics of my hands in these gloves. It took me forever to get the dye stains off my fingers! I would probably wear these with jeans and a leather jacket so as not to overdo the whole feminine ruffle look. Just a touch would be perfect!

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