Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Featured Artist: Makena Lei Creations

I found this great etsy artist the other day while browsing and decided to feature her shop on my blog. The artist is Shelley and her shop is Makena Lei Creations. (Shelley has another etsy shop called HanaSakura Designs). I love Shelley's colorful, simple, crisp designs. Enjoy!

Chili Pepper Fused Glass Earrings

Tell me a bit about yourself
Well, how do I start. I absolutely LOVE being creative. Creative is good and it keeps my mind busy. I always have about 10 artistic projects going on at all times, so it's good to have an outlet. I enjoy painting, drawing, bead making, gardening, fusing, making stained glass, boating, traveling, horseback riding and spending time with my wonderful Hubby, Dan. :) We got married in Maui, Hawai'i, on a very large lava cliff overlooking the gorgeous turquoise blue Pacific. "Ah...Paradise". We went back to Hawai'i for our Anniversary a few years back. It's just as gorgeous the 2nd time around. Hawai'i has inspired most of the items in both shops.

How long have you been making glass jewelry?
I've been making glass jewelry for about 2-3 years now. I started by making my own beads but it somehow evolved into fusing. I got bit by the fusing "bug" and haven't looked back. I just recently started playing around with the colorful and whimsical "Bullseye" glass that I use in my "Makena'lei Creations" jewelry. It's SO much fun and I love getting peoples' reactions to it! :)

Are you self-taught or did you study glass design?
I'm pretty much self-taught. I took a 2 hour class on how to use a kiln. (safety-kind of thing). I didn't want to mess with a kiln that can go up to 2400 degrees without first learning how to use it! I just came home with some scrap glass and started melting. That's how this all came about. I just played around with colors and learned what to do and what NOT to do. Lots of cuts and glass slivers later, I've created both of my Etsy jewelry shops. And I'm having an absolute BLAST!!

Which three pieces in your etsy shop(s)are your favorite?
Not sure if I can choose favorites. I love all the pieces that come out of the kiln. (I'm always wrestling with myself on keeping everything or selling some of it.) I guess if I had to choose....

Purple dichroic iris pendant (From my Hana Sakura Designs shop)

My "Anime Cat" pendant (Makena'lei Creations)

"Watermelon" pendant (Makena'lei Creations)

What's great about working with glass?
The best part of working with glass is watching the faces of people who see the pieces when they are finished. That's the best part. Glass makes people happy and smile when they get to see it and touch it. That's probably why I love working with it. There's just something magical about creating little works of art from different pieces of glass and melting them. They just feel good to touch and they make you feel good when you wear them. Glass is a wonderful medium!!

Name two of your favorite etsy shops
Two of my favorite etsy shops are probably "Gypsy Rose Handbags" and "Sarah Lynne Designs", but I have SO many favorites! So many incredibly talented people on Etsy, I just feel honored to be among them. :)
Thanks Shelley!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm having my third giveaway!
Some of you may wonder why?

Why would I just give away a cashmere necklet
with handknitted wool brooch?

There are many reasons that I like to do giveaways.
Firstly, and most obviously, it increases traffic to
my blog (let's be honest!).
Secondly, if you're wearing one of my creations someone
may like it and ask where you bought it (exposure).
Third, I really love the thought that one of
my creations is keeping someone cozy and chic!
I have so many handmade creations that I can afford
to give away one every few weeks for free!

This necklet is handknitted from 100% cashmere
from a Scottish cashmere mill. The detachable brooch
has handknitted leaves from all types of wool and other
yarns. The necklet is made to fit a smallish neck -
probably one between 10 and 12 inches.

All you have to do to enter my giveaway is:

1) Be a follower and leave a comment below
2) If you have a blog, include a link to my shop
in your blog.

That's all! Good luck. I will draw the winner from
a hat next Friday October 9th).