Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some of My Favorite Etsy Shops

I recently had some time to browse through Etsy and would like to share these delightful items that I added to 'my favorites':

This is the cutest keyring, made by Glasgow-based Etsy fiber artist FieldyTweed. It is made from the most beautiful 100% genuine Harris tweed from a mill in Scotland that closed down recently. Fortunately it looks like Fieldy bought up almost the entire mill beforehand so she will be able to make plenty more keyrings, ipod covers, and pincushions in a multitude of colors and patterns. I adore Scotties (my mum has the best wee Scottie called Meg), and I love a great quality tweed. I agree with Fieldy who says that Harris Tweed is "the most beautiful and unique fabric in the world - but then I am a little biased!"



I love this tiny canvas print of two little girls busily knitting away. Makes me think of days gone by and it almost makes me wish that kids still knitted socks for their entire families.
Tali, the talented artist from Bezalel who created this, has an Etsy shop called Tush Tush. There are so many wonderful little prints on canvas that I would love to have on my wall. I actually ordered this one which I first discovered on the front page of Etsy. I can't wait till it arrives.



Wrist Cuff Queen Annes Lace In Pink Silk Hand Embroidery

This delicate wrist cuff by Waterrose is such a work of art. I love the way the exquisitely detailed, pale pink embroidery is highlighted by the perfectly placed little red beads. The creator of Waterrose was influenced and inspired by her mother, an embroidery artisan, and by her grandmother, a quilter. Waterrose also sells embroidered rings and earrings in her shop - all very unique and beautiful. These pieces are so obviously created with skill, patience and love and the finishing is just perfect.

This slightly disturbing but beautiful image was created by A Cabinet of Curiosities. The artist creates the most amazing digital collages using a variety of images. This is an original digital collage created using elements from the Haeckle images, DaVinci sketchbook, Galileo sketchbook, and one of the artist's own photographs. The digital images can be printed on your own media. A digital file is sent to you via email and you print on paper of your choosing to a size of your choosing. A Cabinet of Curiosities sells lot of digital copies of prints by Haeckle which I find fascinating, such as the following image, called "Asteridea."


  1. Isn't it amazing what you can find on Etsy? I love to "pounce" and see all the newest shops and find out where people are from.

  2. Much better!! I had the problem of big spaces too , took a while to figure it out myself.

  3. Tis loverly what you said about my work and even more special that you blogged about it!! Thanks ever so much for the plug to visit my shop! Quite an honor to be included in this group of international artists! Thanks my dear!