Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I do like the summer. I love going to the Jersey Shore to play in the huge waves with my boogie board. I like not having to rush to get the kids off to school first thing in the morning on my days off. I love seeing my neighbors on a regular basis, drinking wine on decks while watching the kids play in tree-houses or blow-up pools.

(I’m always amazed that several weeks can go by during the winter without a glimpse of neighbors).

I certainly don’t want to wish away the rest of this beautiful summer -life is far too short for that- but I have to admit that I am looking forward to autumn, and not only for the lovely leafy combinations of burnt umber, yellow ochre, and pumpkin orange. The reason I’m excited about the thought of autumn arriving is because people in the Northern Hemisphere start to think about warmer clothes and cozy accessories, and for some of those people, specifically KNITTED accessories!

I’ve been happily and busily knitting away for the last couple of months in anticipation of the fall, and have so many ideas I wish I had bionic fingers that could knit a scarf in 10 minutes! Here are a couple of the items that I will be posting within a few weeks:

...I'd better get some knitting done now!

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